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Deep Foundation Systems

Micro Piles

Micro Piles are a small diameter (less than 300mm) replacement, drilled pile, composed of placed or injected grout, and some form of steel reinforcement to resist a high proportion (or all) of the design load. Typically, high capacity steel elements installed with high grout/ground bond values transfer the loads by friction, and do not rely upon end-bearing loads.


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Micro work well in areas that require deep foundation alternatives or in difficult ground conditions (cobbles, boulders and obstructions) where installation of conventional piles or drilled shafts would be overly difficult or expensive.

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Close proximity to existing structures
  • Design and guidelines available
  • Earth retention
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hazardous or contaminated soil installations
  • High loads and tensions (tested to over 1,000kips axial)
  • Installed in limited access or low head room
  • Installed single or in groups
  • Minimal disturbance and spoils
  • No or low vibration
  • Seismic retrofitting
  • Slope stabilization
  • Time saving
  • Transfer loads to deeper strata
  • Used in high water areas
  • Well suited for difficult ground conditions
  • Withstand axial and/or lateral loads

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. has installed micro piles for new construction and also for foundation underpinning. With specialized drilling equipment and methods, MCSI can drill through virtually every ground condition, natural or artificial, and install micro piles with limited access and minimal vibration or disturbance.

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. has been instrumental in bringing this new technology into the Rocky Mountain Region where ground and other conditions are very diverse and limited access exists. MCSI works closely with engineers to provide designs and specifications, keeping value and safety in mind for each client's needs.


Micro Piles Installation at Target Stores
in Grand Junction, CO


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