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Deep Foundation Systems

Helical Piers & Anchors

Atlas-Helical Systems provide deep foundation stabilization for both new and existing construction and restoration. Helicals are installed vertically through problem soils until load-bearing soils are reached for new construction.


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They serve as an underpinning method to stabilize and restore foundations damaged by expansive soils, erosion or poorly compacted fill soils.

Installed laterally as tie-backs or anchors, they are used for shoring in new construction, stabilizing slopes, and to stabilize and restore walls that have been improperly constructed or damaged by poor drainage or expansive soils.

Atlas Pier Systems can be installed in either an interior or exterior location. Every Atlas Pier System provides for a two-stage system of initially driving the manufactured piers to load bearing support, then using hydraulics, restoring the structure to the desired elevation.

Atlas Piers not only stop settlement, but also raise the structures, closing cracks and correcting other structural flaws caused by settlement and/or ground movement.

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. is a proud dealer/installer of Atlas Systems, Inc., foundation support products. (www.atlas.com)

Benefits / Advantages:

  • 135,000 lb. bearing (compression) loads
  • 140,000 lb. anchor (tension) loads
  • All weather installation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Ease of installation in limited access areas
  • Engineered system
  • Fast installation
  • Immediate loading
    Lower installed cost
  • Minimum disturbance to site
  • No vibration
  • On site load test capability
  • Reusable in temporary tie-back or support applications

Installation of Helical piers for
construction of new water tank
foundation. Grand Junction, CO

Cut away display reveals details
of shaft and helices.

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